Surfcasters Cove Fishing Reports

Enter Your Username and Password
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Version 1.000 2013

To enter data into fishing reports you will need a Username and password. If you would like to share your fishing reports with others, email a USERNAME and PASSWORD you want to use to and an authorization email will be sent to you ASAP.

The username you logon with will be used for all your reports, so pick it wizely

Passwords are sent over the internet un-encrypted. Unless the spammer is connecting a network sniffer, passwords are pretty safe. Passwords are not saved in any cookies either. So remember! The Fishing Reports Log is a fun project and there is no profit in the data that is stored.

All this because of misuse by JERKS who have nothing else to do but SPAM the Fishing Report Database. SO, to enter a report now, you will have to enter a USERNAME and a PASSWORD before you can enter a report. PERIOD!

Do's and Don't
Do Don't
Use a handle for your Username Don't Use your Real name for a Username
Use a unique password Don't Use a password you use elsewhere
Again - use a handle or nickname Don't Use a logon used elsewhere