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  • Added 2023 scenic and flower pictures and some of them are really cool night time photographs.

  • If you haven't noticed, surfcasterscove.com is a secure site.  This will make a lot of people happy when entering any data or passwords.

  • Well, I have added some of my local birds on my photo site. This year we put up an owl box, and within a few days, there was an East Screech Owl poking its head out of the box.

  • Cleaned up the WEB CAMS area and added some new links. Nice camera at Key West, FL. showing people walking around and partying, with drinks in their hands.

  • Check out NEWSMAX.COM for the a different NEWS channel

  • You want to know your IP address Look under Interesting Stuff to get your IP Address. Works pretty good.

  • The Check out my favorite knot - Palomar. I tie the Palomar knot whenever I can. I find the Palomar knot to have good holding power and does not loosen up. What more can you ask for. Check it out under Interesting Stuff.

  • Another interesting point is if your a webmaster who likes to link to individual pages - it will not work for this site. Just link to www.surfcasterscove.com.

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